Royal Commission clerical sexual abuse data survey

The Royal Commission has undertaken a comprehensive data survey of Catholic Church authorities in Australia to gather information about the extent of claims of child sexual abuse made against Catholic Church personnel.

This includes claims made against any current or former priest, religious brother or sister, or any other person employed in or appointed to a voluntary position by a Catholic Church authority including archdioceses, dioceses and religious orders.

This project was undertaken with the assistance of the Truth, Justice and Healing Council and the Catholic Church authorities who provided the data about claims of child sexual abuse. 

Proportion of Priests and non-ordained religious subject to a claim of sexual abuse 1950-2010
6 February 2017

Analysis of claims of child sexual abuse made with respect to Catholic Church institutions in Australia
16 February 2017

Royal Commission explanitory note on data report
16 February 2017

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The Council concluded its work on 30 April 2018 and is no longer distributing any material about its work.