Melbourne Response

The Melbourne Response assists people who have been abused sexually, physically or emotionally within the Archdiocese of Melbourne.


Complaints of sexual and other abuse by priests, religious and lay persons under the control of the Archbishop of Melbourne are made to and investigated by an Independent Commissioner.

Anyone with complaints of abuse by priests, religious and lay persons under the control of the Archbishop of Melbourne is asked to call (03)9225-7979 and will be referred to an Independent Commissioner.

Counselling and Support

Free counselling and professional support for those who have been abused is available through Carelink. Carelink is located at 25 Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne Vic 3002 Telephone: (03) 9663 5744


Ex gratia compensation of up to $75,000 is available through the Compensation Panel chaired by Mr David Curtain QC.

Pastoral Support

Spiritual support and guidance is available to individuals and at a parish level by contacting the Vicar General at the Offices of the Archdiocese on (03) 9926 5677.

Anyone with complaints relating to other parts of the Church should contact Towards Healing in Melbourne on 1800 816 030.

As part of its role and assisted by experts and victims and survivors, the Truth, Justice and Healing Council will review Towards Healing and the Melbourne Response and make recommendations on improving these approaches.

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Contact Telephone Numbers:

Independent Commissioner: (03) 9225 7979

Carelink: (03) 9663 5744

Archdiocese of Melbourne: (03) 9926 5677

Towards Healing: 1800 816 030


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