Case Study 41: Witness list

Witness List and Expected Order of Witnesses for Case Study 41




Mother of Survivor

Sister Sonia Wagner

Former Superior, Sisters of Good Samaritan of the Order of St Benedict

Anthony Fitzgerald

Current CEO and Principal, Mater Dei School


Mother of Survivor

Margaret Bowen

CEO, The Disability Trust

Gary Groves

District Director, Illawarra Shoalhaven District, NSW Department of Family and Community Services

Maree Welch

Mother of Survivor

Melissa Edwards

Former employee, FSG Australia

Dorothy Williams

Former Manager, FSG Australia

Lloyd Hastings

Former President, FSG Australia


Mother of Survivor

Vicki Batten

CEO, FSG Australia

Stephanie Gunn

Deputy CEO, National Disability Insurance Agency

Felicity Hand

Deputy Secretary, Disabilities and Housing, Department of Social Services

Samantha Taylor

Executive Director, National Disability Insurance Scheme Implementation, Ageing Disability and Home Care (NSW Department of Family and Community Services)

Matthew Bowden

Executive Director, People With Disability Australia

Stephanie Gotlib

CEO, Children and Young Persons with Disability Australia

Ken Baker

CEO, National Disability Services

Ginie Udy

CEO, SDN Children’s Services

Jane Rosengrave


Dr Sally Robinson

Senior Research Fellow, Centre for Children and Young People

Suzanne Dixon

Former Principal, Mater Dei School

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