Case Study 14: Diocese of Wollongong

Case study 14 examined the relationship between the Bishop of Wollongong (and, in his absence, the Diocesan Administrator) and the Holy See (the Vatican) in matters concerning preventative and disciplinary action taken in response to allegations of child sexual abuse against Father John Gerard Nestor.

Nestor was convicted of offences, but acquitted on appeal. However, Bishop Philip Wilson and subsequently Bishop Peter Ingham held the view that he was not a suitable person to work in ministry with children.

The Royal Commission heard about the lengthy canonical processes involving the Vatican in the steps taken by Bishops Wilson and Ingham to have Nestor removed from ministry and dismissed from the priesthood.

Both bishops told the Royal Commission they would have offered to resign as bishops if Nestor had not ultimately been dismissed.

Witness List and Order

Opening Statements and witness statements


Hearing room updates

Royal Commission report of Case Study No. 14 – The response of the Catholic Diocese of Wollongong to allegations of child sexual abuse, and related criminal proceedings, against John Gerard Nestor, a priest of the Diocese 

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The Council concluded its work on 30 April 2018 and is no longer distributing any material about its work.