Case Study 13: Marist Brothers' School in ACT, NSW and QLD

Case study 13 examined the way in which the Marist Brothers responded to child sexual abuse perpetrated by Brother John Chute, also known as Brother Kostka, and former brother, Gregory Sutton, from the early 1960s through to the late 1980s in schools in NSW, Qld and the ACT.

Chute had allegations of sexual abuse made against him by 48 different individuals. The allegations dated from as early as 1960. He was removed from teaching in November 1993. In January 2008 Chute was charged with 19 counts of child abuse against six former students in the ACT and, after pleading guilty, was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment.

Sutton taught in Qld, the ACT and NSW from 1973 until he was removed from teaching in 1987. The Marist Brothers have received allegations against Sutton from 21 individuals. In 1996 he was extradited from the USA and was charged and convicted in NSW of 67 counts of sexual offences against 15 different children.

Former provincial Brother Alexis Turton was questioned over his role in the handling of allegations against both Chute and Sutton. Particular interest centred on the sending of Sutton to Canada for psychological treatment. Sutton was also called to give evidence about the sequence of events at that time.

The hearing also considered the steps taken by the Marist Brothers and Catholic Church Insurance Ltd to resolve claims for compensation brought against the Brothers in respect of the abuse by Sutton and Chute.

During the hearing the Provincial of the Marist Brothers, Brother Jeffrey Crowe, re-stated the commitment of the Brothers to deal compassionately and justly with all survivors of abuse. He said that the Brothers would review past settlements if asked to do so, to ensure they are fair, reasonable and compassionate.

Witness List and Order

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Final Report of Case Study no. 13- The response of the Marist Brothers to allegations of child sexual abuse against Brothers Kostka Chute and Gregory Sutton.


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