Case study 11: Christian Brothers Perth

The focus of case study 11 was on the experiences of boys who lived in residential institutions in Western Australia in the 1940s and 1950s run by the Christian Brothers.

The hearing examined the experiences of 11 men who were abused as children in Castledare Junior Orphanage, St Vincent’s Orphanage Clontarf, St Mary’s Agricultural School Tardun, and Bindoon Farm School.

It looked at the response of the Christian Brothers and of relevant Western Australian state authorities, including the police, to the abuse, the redress scheme established by the WA State Government and various services supported by the Christian Brothers to provide assistance to the men.

The hearing also considered a class action brought on behalf of the survivors, the approach taken by the plaintiffs’ solicitors in attempting to deal with limitation of action problems and the way the Christian Brothers sought to defend and settle the action, through the establishment of an independent trust which determined the claims.

The Royal Commission also considered the Christian Brothers’ approach to formation of young men entering the order and whether that may have contributed to the abuse that occurred, as well as changes in the approach to formation.

During the hearing the Deputy Provincial Leader of the Christian Brothers Province of Oceania, Brother Julian McDonald, gave undertakings to provide survivors with ongoing professional psychological counselling, for life if needed, and to re-examine any cases settled on unjust and unreasonably low terms.

Witness List and Order

Opening Statements and Witness Statements


Hearing room Updates

Final Report of Case Study No. 11 –  Congregation of Christian Brothers in Western Australia response to child sexual abuse at Castledare Junior Orphanage, St Vincent’s Orphanage Clontarf, St Mary’s Agricultural School Tardun and Bindoon Farm School (PDF 1MB).


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